Mission, Vision & Goal

“Making lasting improvements in the lives of smallholder farmers with access to water-smart micro irrigation equipment and services”
The mission of the enterprise is to provide the poor small holder with income generating micro irrigation technologies that are affordable , require minimal maintenance and make a significant improvement to their lives through improved food production, energy and health.

Establishing leadership as a lead firm in the production and supply of micro-irrigation technologies in Nepal is the vision of Sital Thopa Prabidhi Udyog (STU).

STU’s vision is to become, with its partners, the premier catalyst for mass marketing of micro-irrigation devices in Nepal through the refinement, enhancement, and expansion its technology and activities.

To produce quality micro-irrigation devices and accessories at optimum cost and market the same at reasonable price so as to achieve customer satisfaction, fair return for all stakeholders and continued growth for the enterprise through sustained innovations.

Guiding Strategy
In order to achieve the goal, STU will manage a unique combination of man, machine and material in an integrated and sustainable manner, taking into account social responsibility and environmental concerns.

Core Principles:
1. We conduct business honestly and with integrity based on consideration of triple (economic, social and environmental) bottom lines
2. We value our employees, customers, and stakeholders and treat them with respect and dignity
3. The company value chain (Input provider-STU- dealers-farmers) fosters income maximization for all stakeholders
4. We will service as many small farmers and other customers as possible with products and services
5. We pursue a safer work place and a strong work ethic–‘to develop, spread and improve new approaches and methods of manufacturing, assembling and marketing MITs