Micro Sprinkler Irrigation Technology

STU has been producing two types of micro-sprinkler systems: 1. Small Micro Sprinkler and 2. Large Micro sprinkler systems, which come in many varieties, apply water to the field in a spray; they have brought irrigation to rolling and steep lands otherwise suited for dry land farming. Sprinkler Irrigation which is effective on flat or sloped land is appropriate for low height Vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, grasses and tea and other close- spaced crops.

Sprinkle system set model Main pipe Pressure height heads per set Stand Avg. irrigation coverage in Sq. M. (3 shifts/day)
1. Small micro-sprinkler 16 meters 8 meters 4 4 250
2.Large micro-sprinkler 34 meters 12 meters 8 8 500

Main Features of Micro-sprinkler Irrigation
• Preassembled for easy use
• Simple to install, operate and maintain
• No clogging problem as filter is also included in the MS system
• Covers a radius of 3 meters and is ideal for narrow terraces in the hills
• Effective on flat or sloped land
• Needs 10 meters head to operate and is ideal for multi-use